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Theoretical Question Time!

Have you ever been trapped in an elevator? It's an awful feeling to have, being trapped. For however long you're stuck there, there's always that nagging thought that taunts you to no end: no matter who you are, no matter how much you've accomplished, you are still trapped in the elevator. You're friends can't help you and neither can your name nor your money. The only obstacle between you and death is a grossly overweight repairman whose family could only afford to send him to vocational school or he was too incompetent or too lazy to aspire for anything further. Yet there you have it. A man who will be nothing, who will never have his name in the papers, who will never be noticed by anyone important - he is your savior. In that moment, when you realize it'll be such a waste of talent for you to be crushed by a simple box of metal, you'll wish you had told everyone you've loved that you love them and done everything you've always wanted to do.

Who would you want to talk to? What would you tell them? What regrets would you have?
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