Steve WhiteTail (steve_whitetail) wrote in fantasy_inc,
Steve WhiteTail

Beware the Lepoard.

Eh. Saw it the day it came out, and here is my

All I can say is that if you ever read the books or saw the original BBC series, you will be disappointed. Unless you aren't a purist like me. Alot from the book was omitted, and alot was added in, why I'm not entirelly certian. But I can saw that it was funny. There were some moment of pure hoopy frood fun. Many a parts I found myself lauging uncontrollably, until the stuff that was missing from the book came into play, and I was let down. But the Vogans were done wonderfully. I love how they looked, truely UGLY. And the guy who played Zaphod Beeblebrox, cute. The girl who played TRillian, cute. And Zaphood, he's just this guy, you know.
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