Seraph Bastille (wolfspyder) wrote in fantasy_inc,
Seraph Bastille

Get up off of your rears and help me!!!!

Got this email in from diane today:

I'm glad to hear you took some time to reflect on the situation. I'm certain
that things will work out in the future, particularly here at Macomb. Per your
question about being banned from the club and the building, that is correct but
you are allowed on campus to discuss the film festival with faculty or staff. I
would like you to get in contact with my assistant, Anthony (P Building, Room
127) sometime in June. You can then go over your plan at that point in time.
Ultimately, I sign off on everything and that includes any finances.

As long as your plan is well thought-out, I don't see any reason why the funds
cannot be released for this project. You'll have to come in with a budget,
timelines, promotional ideas, etc. We are here as a resource. We would love to
see this film festival get off the ground and you're right, there are alot of
details that need to be figured out.

I received your email as to the approval from Central Park Media. It looks
light you're off on the right foot. As Anthony mentioned, we have to make sure
we're not violating any copyright laws. We either have to get approval or pay
for the movie license. Please make sure you're saving any correspondence you
receive from these companies.


ok...and now I will gladly point out the one major bump in the road.

"You'll have to come in with a budget,
timelines, promotional ideas, etc."
It's called a Project Promotion...and while, yes, I have all the ability and connections to pull this off, it is something that I haven't done in 4 years. Everyone is loving this idea, besides a few of you, I am feeling like Mother Hen here people. I have this feeling that, until/ if i can get the budget approved, the majority of you won't want to get your feet wet. While that is understandable...This is never going to work if we don't get help all the way through. If can't be truely "fantasy inc" promotion if DAVE is the only one that did everything for the promotion itself.
I can also understand that everyone wants to do films. Thats great...we need as many films to choose from as possible. I also need people to help me budget this out, help with promotional ideas, and setting up the timeline, etc.
Please help me see this off the ground
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