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alright at the moment it seems as if this is going to be the last post on this board. As the moderator of this board that never seems to be used and with what I have heard may be happening with club, not to mention the fact that there is another one on the actual MCC site. So for those of you reading this in about a week or so I probably will be closing this community down..
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Fantasy INC

Hey everyone. This is Solomon, the vice president of the new and improved Fantasy INC!!

First off, we have a forum where you can find all the latest news on tournaments and meetings. The address is MCCClub.proboards51.com.

Second, right now we are planning on having meetings on Tuesdays @ 4pm.

Neway...I'll let you guys get back to life. Hope to see or hear from you guys later.
ThElAuGhInGmAn d:D
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is there, or is there not a fantasy inc club this semester at mcc? and what's up with the video game club as well.
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Someone remind me to ask everyone about (drum roll please) ANIME ROLLER SKATING NIGHT! I don't care if you can't skate. I don't care if you think I have crazy ideas. I want to see all of you people having fun!! So, someone remind me to ask everyone at the next club. *burp*

Does anyone read these things anymore?!!??

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well another chapter in the fentown saga:
i am movin out wit my friend, chris.
that's about it.

my parents officially kicked me out of their house. right now i'm staying with my friend, chris, at his apartment, in harrison. i might not be able to come back to fantasy inc for 2 main reasons: money and transportation. i have no job now that my parents also fired me and they took back my car. right now i have my computer at my friends apartment and i'm leaking the internet off someone else's wireless router in this complex. granted it's not connected well/strong.

if i never come back i'd like to say thanks to everyone for accepting me and shit. have fun everyone.
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the fentown has returned...

well i never really left, but i wasn't really hyuh.

1. i have finally a working dvd burner, once club starts back up i can burn dvds for people for a small fee (dvd's arent free). this includes the as of now not released in the U.S. season 2 of stand alone complex, aptly named "the 2nd gig".

2. i know i'm late about it, but i love bit torrent. now if i can keep my woreless conection on for longer than 2 hours before telling me the program needs to shut down please call customer support. i dl'ed every NES, SMS, game gear, and genesis game so far. i'm giddy like a school girl cuz i beat alex kidd in the miracle world for SMS, quite possibly one of the top 10 hardest games of all time. now to zelda II.

3. threats about being kicked out are getting more frequent and with alot more anger in their tone. although there's the possibility that i may snap before they do.

4. after 6 months, i will finally not be breaking the law 6 days out of the week. my driving probation lifts this friday at midnight of the 17th. which means i can now legally drive between the hours of 10 P.M. and 6 A.M. again.

there'd be a few other things in here but i either for got about them or they never happened.


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This is not club-related, but those of you who like classic cars may want to listen up.

There is a classic car poster coming out soon. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this poster will go towards helping the families of Michigan soldiers injured/killed in Iraq. The poster features three cars--one red, one white, one blue. The white car happens to be my dad's '58 Impala, hence why I've taken it upon myself to spread the word about this poster.

Like I said, it's partially for charity...however I don't know the poster's release date or how much it costs. When I find this out I will get back to anyone who is interested.

Shara GM's!

hey everyone! I'm bugging you all because....well I need some opinions.

I feel it's time I bring a little of my flavor to the table and try my hand at this GM thing.....goodness knows I haven't done it since my detroit days. We played stuff that you folks don't have in books and they went smoothly, so I'm hoping to bring that back here. yes folks, ol' fashioned acting, paper, pencil and dice fun.

I'm thinking of running a phantasy star role playing game sometime july and I wanna know if anyone's interested.

so just to wet everyone's beaks I'm gonna give you a simple run down of what I have planned....

they're 4(main) different games ni the phantasy star series. all people who are interested will first start by picking a number between 1 and 4. If you pick the number I'm thinking of, you get bonuses(items, powers, strengths and all that jazz) added to your character.

I've already started on the dungeons....the battle system will prove most fun because it will depend on how well you've lined up your duckies. If you choose to go with it as a group (which will be recommended) you must give me a list of who's first, second and so on. this is because your reaction speed will rely solely on the leader and on who's behind you (you will be traveling in a straight line like ducks unless otherwise specified)

the stats and building up your character is going to prove the most interesting part because of my previous mentioned power gamer. say you have a level 50 character, a level 20 character, but your level 4 character is leading the pack. If you can manage to protect your leader until the end of a battle, your level 50 and level 20 will level up to a quarter of what the leader gained. if the monster was powerful the level 4 leader would gain 10 levels so the higher leveled characters would gain 2 levels and be half way to reaching their next.

If there are any takers or questions on the idea, you know where to find me.

The same thing goes for lunar! (except I'll need more time to work on it. Lunar is so insane)
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