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the fentown has returned...

well i never really left, but i wasn't really hyuh.

1. i have finally a working dvd burner, once club starts back up i can burn dvds for people for a small fee (dvd's arent free). this includes the as of now not released in the U.S. season 2 of stand alone complex, aptly named "the 2nd gig".

2. i know i'm late about it, but i love bit torrent. now if i can keep my woreless conection on for longer than 2 hours before telling me the program needs to shut down please call customer support. i dl'ed every NES, SMS, game gear, and genesis game so far. i'm giddy like a school girl cuz i beat alex kidd in the miracle world for SMS, quite possibly one of the top 10 hardest games of all time. now to zelda II.

3. threats about being kicked out are getting more frequent and with alot more anger in their tone. although there's the possibility that i may snap before they do.

4. after 6 months, i will finally not be breaking the law 6 days out of the week. my driving probation lifts this friday at midnight of the 17th. which means i can now legally drive between the hours of 10 P.M. and 6 A.M. again.

there'd be a few other things in here but i either for got about them or they never happened.


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