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Shara GM's!

hey everyone! I'm bugging you all because....well I need some opinions.

I feel it's time I bring a little of my flavor to the table and try my hand at this GM thing.....goodness knows I haven't done it since my detroit days. We played stuff that you folks don't have in books and they went smoothly, so I'm hoping to bring that back here. yes folks, ol' fashioned acting, paper, pencil and dice fun.

I'm thinking of running a phantasy star role playing game sometime july and I wanna know if anyone's interested.

so just to wet everyone's beaks I'm gonna give you a simple run down of what I have planned....

they're 4(main) different games ni the phantasy star series. all people who are interested will first start by picking a number between 1 and 4. If you pick the number I'm thinking of, you get bonuses(items, powers, strengths and all that jazz) added to your character.

I've already started on the dungeons....the battle system will prove most fun because it will depend on how well you've lined up your duckies. If you choose to go with it as a group (which will be recommended) you must give me a list of who's first, second and so on. this is because your reaction speed will rely solely on the leader and on who's behind you (you will be traveling in a straight line like ducks unless otherwise specified)

the stats and building up your character is going to prove the most interesting part because of my previous mentioned power gamer. say you have a level 50 character, a level 20 character, but your level 4 character is leading the pack. If you can manage to protect your leader until the end of a battle, your level 50 and level 20 will level up to a quarter of what the leader gained. if the monster was powerful the level 4 leader would gain 10 levels so the higher leveled characters would gain 2 levels and be half way to reaching their next.

If there are any takers or questions on the idea, you know where to find me.

The same thing goes for lunar! (except I'll need more time to work on it. Lunar is so insane)
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